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Written By Iron Kingdom

The Samurai

The time has come,
It’s time to serve your master,
Is your guilt sharper than your sword?
The gleam of steel,
You feel your heart beat faster,
Honour calls, still you stay your hand,

Ohh Ohh Ohh,
You failed your lord and master,
Fall on your sword,
You are no samurai,
Ohh Ohhhhh!
(End Chorus)

You try to hide your shame,
Only a warrior in name,
Not fit to live, not fit to fight,
It goes on and on again,
It takes a blade to ease the pain,
Kneel here now, and make the cut clean!


The time is now,
You wish to serve your master,
Swear your vengeance in his name,
Till your last breath,
You will pursue the bastards,
Honour calls, time to make your stand,

(*ALT Chorus)
Ohh Ohh Ohh!
Avenge your lord and master
One with the sword
You are the samurai
Ohhh Ohh!
(End *ALT Chorus)


The Samurai

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