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Blog #1: Northern Kingdom Tour (CAN) 2013

The trailer is packed and we have hit the road! Our send off in Vancouver was absolutely epic, in every way Battlefest was a success! Everyone who played was dynamite and the turn out was incredible. It was the first show we had ever played at the Rickshaw and we all had a great time! Thanks again to David Khan and everyone who put on the show and a big horns up to all the metal heads who came out and rocked with us. We were looking forward to playing again at Voodoo’s in Penticton but unfortunately the show was cancelled due to a family emergency with the owners. We wish them all the best with the troubles that have beset them. We are currently biding time in Merritt hoping to set up a replacement show. If anyone knows anything and sees this in time hit us up haha. This tour is off to a much different start than the U.S. of Eh tour where we were rushing to get to the gig. Today has largely been spent calling venues to find a new show and driving but still, it feels like the calm before the storm as we prepare mentally and physically for the most intensive tour we have ever embarked on!

Keep the Faith,

Leighton Holmes (Bass Guitar)

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