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Blog #12: The Final Chapter: Canada Tour 2013

That had to be the craziest 35 days of my life. In just over a month we have seen a lot of what Canada has to offer and went to a number of new places none of us have ever been to before. The Northern Kingdom Tour was undeniably an unforgettable and awesome endeavor, a dream come true and a step in the right direction. As some may have noticed we have been home for just over a week now and it’s been a little while since te last blog post so I’ll fill you in as to how the last couple shows went. Winnipeg was a fun show to play and the area around the Zoo did not match up to what we had heard it was like (thankfully!) it was a small crowd but the few people who were there were rocking! Right after the gig we gassed up and hit the road. We had to make it all the way to Calgary to play Dickens pub for our 3rd Calgary show of the tour. The drive was uneventful for the most part and only delayed while we waited for a gas station to open. We easily finished the drive and got to Dickens. The last Calgary show started off really well and we were all getting really good feelings about it going off without a hitch but when it came time for us to play Kenny’s amp wasn’t working! Jeff from Gatekeeper was nice enough to lend us an amp so we could play, (Thank You Jeff) but the show wasn’t near as smooth as we were thinking it was going to be. The next day was our last show of the tour at DV8 in Edmonton. We got to Edmonton early and went straight to a Long and Mcquade to get Kenny’s amp sorted out, we ended up picking some spare fuses for the rest of us but the problem with his amp lay in the tubes so it just kept blowing fuses like they were nothing. The show in Edmonton was great non the less with a couple familiar faces in the crowd, it was a wicked way to end the tour. On the way home our problem with fuses continued as we kept blowing the fuse for the dashboard lights and the clearance lights on the trailer. We drove from just outside of Kamloops all the way home with the hazards going because the longest a fuse would last was 40minutes. Overall our Van carried us the 13,000+ km with very little trouble and few issues. We had a lot of fun and it wasn’t nearly as rough as I thought it might be doing 27 shows in 35 days across 6 provinces and 1 territory. Definitely one of the craziest trips of my life and I can’t wait to do it again! Now we are settling in for writing and preparing for Europe and more touring next year!!

Keep the Faith! Leighton Holmes (Bass Guitar)

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