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For Whom The Road Tolls

With 3 more shows in the bag it brings us to the end of a 7 show run. We had a great time in Baltimore and met some great people, namely Bobbie of Black Rose Metal Heart Promotions and Rachel of Feed The Scene! Both are genuinely wonderful people and do a ton to help touring musicians. Feed The Scene is an international punk/metal hostel for touring bands and offers a chance to sleep in real beds, have real food and take a shower! I really can’t express how grateful we are to have met them and to have been able to take advantage of this great service they offer! Thank you so much for everything! The show went well for being pretty last minute, and we can’t wait to swing through town again.

From Baltimore we headed over to Raleigh, North Carolina to play the Maywood. It was a sweet show with killer bands and a really responsive crowd! We even had a couple drive from all the way from Wilmington to see us! It’s such an awesome feeling to find out someone travelled to come catch our set when we come through an area. Thanks for everything Raleigh! We will return!

We played the Rock Room in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania last night and it was certainly an interesting experience. The crowd and the bar seemed to be more of the punk persuasion and honestly I don’t think they were expecting us to get up on stage and do what we do. Regardless of this, the crowd was into it and most of them stuck around pretty late considering it was a Wednesday. One of the trickiest things about touring is that there are not enough weekend days in a week. It’s always more of a challenge to get people out on a weekday than it is on a weekend but its worse to sit around on a day off, so the show must go on!

In a terrible turn of events we ended up paying a ridiculous toll of $62.15 for the use of the freeway here in Pennsylvania because, due to terrible signage, we didn’t realize how their tolling system worked. It’s stupid to just assume that everyone just knows whats going on and not put up signs to explain to anyone who is just passing through. We are going to be disputing the toll but it is still stupid to have to have paid it in the first place. They should really improve the information available at the toll booths, not everyone using these roads lives here. It’s just bloody impolite!

We have a day off today and then we in the Big Apple playing the Blackthorn 51 in Queens, New York! We are all excited to play NYC for the first time and in fact excited just to go to New York for the first time!

We are still having a blast, still kicking ass and still taking names!

Keep the Faith, Leighton Holmes (Bass Guitar)

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