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July 15th (Penticton) – July 16 (Coming Home) The Western Front Lies Still…

We came, we saw, we conquered and now we are home. Sunday’s show at Voodoo’s marked the end of the ‘Loud and Heavy on the Western Front’ tour and we are all sad it’s over. We rocked our hearts out with our brothers in Until Dawn and Pangaia and it was a solid cap to a triumphant trip. We met so many awesome people from metal heads to promoters/owners to the bands we played with. We can’t wait until our next tour, till the next chance to hit the road and play to both old and new fans. We aim to go farther east next year.

It was a strange feeling as we unloaded the trailer when we got home. Strange that we were putting the gear away and not setting up at a venue. Strange that we’d be sleeping in beds not on the speaker cabs or in the bed of the truck or the passenger seat of the car. We all loved our first taste of the road and we all are eagerly awaiting a chance to do it again. We were shown love everywhere we went and everywhere we went we feel like we made connections to fans. So to every one who came out, who rocked with us with fists in the air, we thank you and we will be seeing you again.

Total Distance Travelled: Approx. 2800 KM (Or Approx. 109 Million Inches)

Keep the Faith, Leighton Holmes (Bass Guitar)

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