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'Ride for Glory' &
'Unleashed at the Kraken (Live in Seattle)'
pre-sale now available here!

Photo by Matt Dobson



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Photos taken by Cassie Devaney and Jesse Vance.


"The moment IK struck the first chord, the crowd stopped talking.

The second chord and people started moving forward. I am not kidding.

I went from having an unobstructed view to having to crane my head/neck around the tall guy who got in front
of me. Iron Kingdom came on and took it all. It was theirs to rule. And they did. They looked and sounded great. Professional."

- Chris Anne Stumpf


"Do you sometimes wish 1988 was still around! Well 1988 visited me Friday night in the form of a 'new' band, IRON KINGDOM, just real young guys and a beautiful CHICK on drums... They are a TOTAL MUST SEE. You can thank me now. Their live performance made me smile the whole time."

- Aimee Stanley


"Iron Kingdom took the stage and its the best I've seen them play yet! Very strong stage presence as usual from them. Headbanging and moving around they looked ready to take over the world with their metal. Their backing vocals had greatly improved too and I could hear some harmonies! A couple technical issues with patch chords but other than that it was a flawless show. Always showing off new ideas, their new songs sound super tight and I cant wait to hear their upcoming EP. Playing a solid set of old and new tunes and ending off with a classic "Rock You Like A Hurricane" was a perfect end. Catch our interview with them shortly!"

(Click here for the full review.)

- Roxy, Hammer Records
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