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Overgrown Tombzine (OTZ): In these dark modern times when I come across a new traditional heavy metal band, in most cases, they have have dropped the “operatic” or “projected” vocal style as well as the metal and leather oldschool imagery. All of this is present in Iron Kingdom however. Do you feel that the style of heavy metal you play is becoming a lost art?

Chris: We believe that traditional heavy metal will never die. It is uncommon now a days for new bands to play this style but we are not alone. Other bands namely Enforcer and Skull Fist have taken up the fight for true metal. I believe there is a demand for this style, everyone is tired of the over produced and incredibly diluted music industry and are craving something from the days where not everything was ruled by the almighty dollar. It seems to me that what we need is an album or couple albums like what happened in the early 80’s with Screaming for Vengeance from Judas Priest, and The Number of the Beast from Iron Maiden to kick start a resurgence of traditional metal. It’s just a matter of who will make these new historic albums and when.


OTZ: Are there any plans for Iron Kingdom to invade another country on tour?

Chris: Its always been a dream for us to play and tour in Europe so as soon as it’s possible we will come to conquer! We would like to go everywhere in the world but for now we will stick to North America and Europe.


OTZ: What heavy metal news from Canada do people need to know? Besides Skull Fist!

Chris: Iron Kingdom will be touring Western Canada in July of 2012, followed by the recording of our second album. So keep an eye out!

OTZ: The lyrics on your EP follow the classic story telling (The Heretic) and empowering (Legions of Metal) lyric style of old metal. The exception seeming to be Lord of the Twilight. Is there an explanation behind these esoteric lyrics?

Chris:’Lord of the Twilight’ was written as a prelude to the 13 minute epic ‘Montezuma’. It tells the story of the betrayal of the god quetzalcoatl by the Aztec people. He warns of his return and that ‘this city will burn’. He gave them an exact date and what it will be like. It’s crazy because the landing of Cortez, it is said, coincided with the exact day and time, he even wore the same coloured clothing as was prophesized! ‘Montezuma’ begins with the landing of Cortez, so you have the prophesy of doom and then the doom. So really we took one story and stretched it through the two songs. The gap in the middle of the songs is to represent the time of that Reed year passing. We did a lot of research into these two songs and so there is a lot of historical meaning behind them.

OTZ: Any ideas going around for new material?

Chris: Yes, in fact we are already about halfway through writing our second album which we plan to have released by the end of 2012. It is not a concept album but has a strong theme of dichotomy running throughout. There is something fascinating about the topics of Life and Death, Heaven and Hell, Good and Evil that lends itself nicely to heavy metal. We feel the new songs are a continuation of the first album but at the same time are setting off in a new direction for us that we cannot wait to reveal. The new addition of Kenny Kroecher has enabled us to add more of a duel guitar attack that was absent on the first album.


OTZ: Iron Kingdom, you have the last comment. Speak your mind. Anything goes.

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