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Written By Iron Kingdom

Leif Erikson

Sail for home,
My heart is yearning,
Forever more,
Till we reach the golden shore!

Lost at sea for many moons,
I fear we won’t find land,
I fear to fall by plague or hunger,
And not with sword in hand,

Storms may rage, waves they heave,
Still we sail to slay the beast,
Desire burning inside my soul,
To be at rest, to find a home!

Cross the sea, I can’t believe my eyes,
Across the sea, realm of the gods,
Cross the sea, I feel that I’m dreaming,
Across the sea, I’ve found my home,

Erik’s son, Leif Erikson,
He sailed to find a home,
Erik’s son, Leif Erikson,
He sailed to find a home,
(End Chorus)

This dream state is shattered by screams
Savage demons attack us from the trees
Our shield wall can’t hold them back,
Agile creatures dodge, sting and they strike,

No demons will dissuade me,
From claiming this place as mine,
I’ll build myself a settlement,
And pass it down my line,

Stinging winds bring blinding snow,
Hunger gnaws upon our bones,
Fires burn, yet still we freeze,
If we live till spring, we sail to leave.


I’ll return to claim this place as mine!

Leif Erikson

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