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Written By Iron Kingdom

The Blood Of Creation

Stand before the altar
Breathe in a tale as old as time
When, ever swirling water
Birthed forth a host of deities
Whose hale and hearty laughter
Met unsettled enmity

Those who came before
Must fall to those who succeed them

One of two took up arms
And plotted vicious genocide
Drink to the irony of destiny
As it was he who fell to knives
Sleep eternal, long into night
Sleep forever, in death reunite

Let the blood flow free
The blood of creation
Speak to me the magic words
That slay the dragon and kill demon seed
Let the blood flow free
Visions set before your eyes
Demonic death and dark demise
The blood of creation, creation

Who will face the slaughter?
Come forth and face your enemy
Dragon queen of darker dreams
Whose black and vile armies
Come to claim you all
One who stands above the rest
Will save the day and slay them all


The Blood Of Creation

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