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Written By Iron Kingdom

The Veiled Knight

Legends told by fireside,
Of healing hands,
And courageous heart,

She’s no man’s concubine,
The warrior supreme,
Just follow her into battle,
To see what I mean,
The enemy took her brother,
A mistake they would regret,
For she slayed every soldier,
On the field she met,

Her attack turned the battle,
Upon ruinous fields she rode,
Before her ranks were shattered,
Their formations were turned to rout,
She chased them from their camp,
Back from the field they fled,

This warrior queen
Rider in black,
With blades so sharp,
She turned them back,

Eyes gleam, amid a veil of green,
Seize a sword forged destiny,
Dressed in black, amongst dying screams,
Soaked in the blood of her enemies,
(End Chorus)

She enlisted as a healer,
With tender hands she bathed,
Wounds of injured soldiers,
Until she lifted up her blade,
Now she’ll fight any man,
On battlefields she rides
In her wake comes slaughter,
Trampled banners never fly,


The Veiled Knight

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