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All The Glory You Can Handle

Its been three action packed days since our last update here and we are still having a blast! We are continuing to meet awesome people down here and definitely have a great feeling about this side of the border. So many people we talk to are truly hardcore metal heads and give us a lot of faith on metal going forward! We even met the number 1 metal fan in Oregon!

We had some time before the gig at the Wandering Goat in Eugene yesterday, so Kenny and Joey took the opportunity to wash their hair in a very tour worthy way! Using the case from Joey’s kick pedals as a tub those greasy long-hairs made life a little better for themselves… this is where i like being bald!

We are starting to get into a section of longer drives which means less time to stop and find a shower or fewer chances to stay at people’s houses. Lots of 10 hour drives on this tour so having this trick in our back pockets will be very handy! (for them haha)

The show tonight in Sacramento went very well and we definitely broke our record for turn out in this town! Two years ago we came through this town and played a show with our pals Night Demon to a crowd of two… and one of those guys came back!!

It really reinforces why we do this when we can see that kind of progress coming back through a city.

Keep the Faith, Leighton Holmes (Bass Guitar)

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