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As The Rock Continues To Roll

Last night in Covington, Kentucky was exactly what we needed after a stretch of 3 days off. The crowd was rocking and we took no prisoners! 3 days is too long to lay about and do nothing but drive and hangout, so it felt good to be able to stretch our playing muscles and do what we do best: conquer new cities!

Thank you to everyone who came out to rock with us, and to everyone who bought merch! We met a whole lot of awesome people last night, all of whom we hope to see again next time we roll through town! And roll through town again we will! Covington is a cool looking town with a lot of character.

We are not even half way done the tour yet and still having the time of our lives! I wish we could tour constantly and I am really looking forward to this 7 show stretch. Days off are nice when it’s one day after a long stretch of shows but more than one day gets boring. Honestly things get a little silly when the 4 of us have too much time on our hands!

Tonight we are playing in Akron, Ohio at the Empire! Come out and rock with us! Come on up and say hi! The stage here looks like it’s going super fun to play on and just about the size I like! Just look at that drum riser!!

Keep the Faith, Leighton Holmes (Bass Guitar)

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