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Blog #2: Canada tour 2013: Kamloops.. Day 2

Life in the van has definitely been easier on this tour than our Western Canada tour last year. We have more comfortable sleeping arrangements, a working stove, a fridge and until yesterday morning a working sink haha. I think we’ve fixed the issue now but with a sink full of dishes sitting there it kinda sucked. We played the first show in Kamloops last night at the Dirty Jersey and man I love playing here. The people we have met here are incredible and really supportive and every time we play here it’s an awesome time. Tonight we are doing a second Kamloops show at Pogue Mahones. Last year we played there twice and we had a blast each time so we are stoked to be playing there again. Mournir from Vancouver is coming up to share the stage with us tonight, and its going to be deadly. The show starts at 9 so come down and rock with us at Pogues!!

Keep the Faith,

Leighton Holmes, (Bass Guitar)

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