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Blog # 7 – Leaving Dawson and Hitting Whitehorse

Leaving Dawson City was kind of bitter sweet in a way. It was wicked to get back on the road but at the same time after staying in such a beautiful town for 4 days it was kinda hard to leave. It was cool to be able to take it easy and actually get to know some people instead of driving right after the show and moving to a new town. I have to say one of the weirdest parts of the whole experience was not having to set up and tear down each night. Being the first time we have been that stationary it seemed to fly in the face of everything we are used to, and add to the sense of uneasiness at not having to do that much work. The staff at the Midnight Sun Hotel were really nice and we have to give a huge thanks to Will and his crew for being so helpful and easy going with us. Also a huge thanks to the Downtown Hotel for bending the rules for us so we could do the Sourtoe cocktail before we left. We heard all over town that it was the thing to do when visiting Dawson but the one thing everyone failed to mention is that it is only available from 9-11pm. Lucky for us the bartender had seen a couple of our sets and convinced his boss to let us do it! So suffice it to say I have kissed the dismembered toe of some person. It was kinda gross but really cool and we met the ex wife of the guy who started the tradition 30 years ago. All in all the tour is off to a really good start and our time up north has been incredible. I’m not really sure why it has taken me so long to see the Yukon but I will definitely be back!! Tonight we are playing Epic Pizza again before heading to Fort St. John after that we head to Unleash the East… of Canada!

Keep the Faith

Leighton Holmes (Bass Guitar)

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