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Blog #8: Canada Tour 2013 (Whitehorse TO Calgary)

A lot has happened since the last update we posted, so much I almost don’t know where to start! On Tuesday we played in Whitehorse again at Epic Pizza, and for being booked less that 12 hours before we got a stellar turn out. A big shout out to Josh from Epic Pizza for letting us play again and for the wicked pizza! If you ever find yourself in Whitehorse I highly recommend going into Epic Pizza, seriously probably the best pizza I’ve ever had! After the show we packed up the trailer, jumped in the van and started the drive to Fort St. John. A piece of advice if you are traveling up north, don’t always believe your GPS when it says there is a gas station because it may no longer exist! With enough gas to go maybe another 40-50 km we pulled into one such non existent station at like 3:30 in the morning. We were in a bit of a quandary as the GPS claimed the nearest gas station was another 120 km down the road. After debating what to do for a little while and being eaten alive by mosquitos Chris and I left the van and asked a hitchhiker waiting by the side of the road if he might know if there was a gas station closer. He wasn’t sure so we started looking around for something that might help when a random dude appeared out of no where and told us of two just up the road, the furtherest being about 30 km away. Unsure as to if they would be open we went back to the hitchhiker and he confirmed that there were 2 gas stations and the farther was probably open. We thanked him and offered him a ride for his help and so we picked up our first hitchhiker! After we found the gas station and filled up the journey was largely uneventful until about 100km from Fort St. John the ride became rough and we figured out we had a separated tire. We changed the tire and barely made it to the venue where we joined an open mic night and rocked the crowd with some heavy metal thunder! From Fort St. John we trekked to Edmonton and spent the night before hitting up the West Edmonton Mall and heading to Calgary to play with Holy Grail. It was an absolutely wicked show with all the bands on top of their game. Unfortunately A preamp tube in Holy Grail’s bass head gave out but I was more than happy to let them use my rig. You know, the show must go on! Holy Grail slayed it and it was a real honor to play with them! Last night was back to Edmonton for a show at DV8. It was our first time playing in Edmonton and we had a lot of fun in a new city. The owner was incredibly nice and would like to return at some point in the future thats for sure! Until next time,

Keep the Faith!

Leighton Holmes (Bass Guitar)

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