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Home, Sweet Home

The tour is over, the last show is in the bag and we are now home. I know I really should have posted this yesterday, but there was a slight issue, I just wrote it today! The end of a tour is always a little rough, it means that the taste of the “dream” is over and “real” life needs to be addressed. So enough with that depressing thought, let me catch you all up on the last days of one of our shortest tours in recent time.

We stopped in Sacramento on the 12th, returning to the Cafe Colonial for the first time in 2 years. The venue has definitely improved since our last visit, boasting a stage and a whole helluva lot of sweet old school gaming consoles. I remembered the food being pretty good and I wasn’t disappointed. They still had the Triple F on the menu and that more than made me happy. I can never turn down a cheeseburger between 2 grilled cheese! We also succeeded in breaking our attendance record from last time! Thank you so much to everyone who came out!!

(Photo by Jyllian Curran)

Following our show in Sacramento we hit the Road to Salt Lake City! Personally this was a show I was really looking forward to as we made some good friends last time we were through. The Metro is a great club with ample space, a wicked stage, and killer sound, especially when Shotty Scotty is behind the board! To top off the fact we were playing such a great place we had 2 fans in the audience who travelled a very long way to see us. You might remember me mentioning them before as this isn’t the first time they took a trip to see us! Hailing from Juneau Alaska, they first saw us play Epic Pizza in Whitehorse last year. It was a real pleasure to see them again and catch up a bit! Both times we have played The Metro I’ve had a great time and I can’t wait to return! We’ll see you in the future SLC! I mean come on, we still have to play with Visigoth on their home turf!

The next day was a travel day which helped ease the 15 hour drive to Vancouver Washington for the last gig. We played Malibu’s on our last trip to the States so we were familiar with the lay out and load in area, which can help take a bit of stress off. The owner, Dan, was nice enough to grab us a motel room across the street from the venue so we were able to shower before the show. Thank you to Dan and Deb for having us back, and to all the bands and everyone who came and hung out all night!

Our last tour of the year is concluded but we are already drawing up plans for next year, so keep your eyes peeled for updates on a show near you! We will keep jamming and writing new material all through the winter and have a special Halloween Abbotsford show coming up with Thor! It’s going to be a set your really don’t want to miss! And as always,

Keep The Faith! Leighton Holmes (Bass Guitar)

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