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Island Invaders!

Last Thursday (Oct 3rd) kicked off the start of the Road Warriors North America tour with the release of our new album ‘On The Hunt’ but before hurtling straight into the bonecrushing intensity of the main run of the tour, we headed to Vancouver Island to warm up and hone our arts. We now stand halfway in our Island trip with 2 shows in the bag and our 3rd tonight.

Although the tour has largely been successful so far, it wouldn’t be an IK tour without some near disastrous vehicle issues. As we loaded up the bus to head to the ferry we noticed a liquid dripping from the bottom of the bus. Much to our dismay it was diesel fuel! After the near heart attack at the thought of the fuel pump shitting the bed, we discovered the seals on the fuel filter had gone instead. A simple fix but, had the issue not been caught, it could have been a very costly issue.

We started the island run in Port Alberni this time, returning for the first time in 3 years to the Rainbow Room. Its a good room with a nice stage and killer sound system. We enjoyed our night there.

We left the Rainbow Room and headed to Cumberland for our much anticipated (by me) return to The Waverly. Those of you who followed the blogs from the last Island tour know that I am quite taken with their food and this time really did not disappoint. Lucky for me we arrived on Prime Rib day and I happily took them up on the offer! I also enjoyed that a guy I saw walking out of the kitchen in chefs gear at the beginning of our visit, was later clad in a kilt and vest rocking out to our set.

We have had a wicked night everytime we have played the Wav and you best believe we will be back!

Tonight we play the Cambie in Nanaimo. We have had really awesome shows the last 2 times we’ve been here so we know this town can rock! It’s our first time at the Cambie but from what I’ve seen sitting here writing this, we are going to have some fun tonight. Come rock with us Nanaimo!

Keep the Faith,

Leighton Holmes

(Bass Guitar)

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