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July 6-8th 2012 THE TOUR HAS BEGUN!!!

HELL YEAH KAMLOOPS!! (July 7th NIGHT – July 8th DAY)

We had a truly wicked time playing for a bunch of crazy heavy metal maniacs! Local band Padova opened the show and kicked some ass. Despite being a young band these guys showed they had both talent and heart. Omega Crom kicked the show up a notch with a blistering set that was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Then came time for Iron Kingdom to rock it. The crowd was fantastic, moshing and screaming their hearts out. At one point they were moshing so hard they almost pulled the front of the stage off. Bwahahaha long live Metal! We had a blast showing Kamloops our brand of traditional metal and can’t wait to be back on the 10th & 14th at the Dirty Jersey. The weather is beautiful and we are off to an awesome start so let the good times keep rolling as we keep on trucking.

Next Stop Kelowna!!!! gig on July 9th! Total Travel distance: Approx. 550 KM Keep the Faith, Leighton Holmes (Bass Guitar) ___________________________________________ The Journey has begun! (July 6th Gig – July 7th during the day)

The tour kick off last night was wicked. Thank you to everyone who came out last night to wish us well out on the road. We left the home base in Surrey this morning and as we make our way into the foot hills the anticipation is mounting. Tonight we are in Kamloops playing Pogue Mahones with our brothers in Omega Crom and Padova. It’s hot already but we will set this place on fire tonight!

Travel Distance: Approx. 320 KM

Keep the Faith,

Leighton Holmes (Bass Guitar)

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