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Kamloops July 10th (Gig) – July 11th Day

Heavy Metal is about quality not quantity and we had a quality crowd last night at the Dirty Jersey. Thank you for everyone who came out on a Tuesday night to listen to some wicked tunes. Kamloops locals Padova opened up the show and blew me away again and Naraka closed the show with a truly wicked set.

We were given a round of free bowling by the venue and somehow chris ended up winning despite having bowled like 3 frames. My only strike came on a shot I took for Kenny and we were bowling spares a plenty for Chris. We are back at the Dirty Jersey on Saturday July 14th so there is definitely going to be a rematch!

Today is a travel day as we head on our way out of BC and into Alberta. We March on Calgary next! Thursday July 12 at the Distillery with Hrom, Hellrazer and Profits of Doom, be there or die square!!

Total Distance Traveled: Approx. 975 KM (which means Approx. 39 Million Inches for those of you who like that kind of knowledge) Keep the Faith, Leighton Holmes (Bass Guitar)

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