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Kamloops – July 14 (Night)

Saturday night was insane, and not entirely in a good way. We got to the Dirty Jersey really early to unpack all of our gear and set it up off to the side, and then proceeded to kill a couple hours. We played a couple games of bowling (I won) and shot a couple games of pool (again I won) and just as it was getting close to show time we were informed that the show was in fact cancelled. After a chaotic 15 to 20 minutes we were able to join the bill at Pogue Mahones, so we packed our gear back in the trailer and raced over. We are very thankful to both Pogue’s and to the other bands playing that night that they let us share the stage with them. As the front man from Until Dawn put it, ‘it was a shitty start to a wicked night’ thank you everyone who came out to rock with us, we love you Kamloops!

Total Distance Travelled: 2000 KM

Keep the Faith, Leighton Holmes (Bass Guitar)

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