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Kings in (The) Queen’s

Day 2 of our 3 day Island tour and it really wouldn’t be a tour if something at least potentially bad didn’t happen near the start. We set out yesterday bright and early to catch the ferry to Nanaimo, expecting the short drive to the ferry terminal to be pretty uneventful. We were wrong. We started to smell burning rubber and trying to figure out if it was us or not, when we stopped at red light and were informed our tire was on fire! If you know our history with tires, you will understand our sense of panic and dread. We jumped out ready for anything and found smoke drifting out from the wheel well and a tire hot to the touch. We didn’t find any evidence of melting on the tire so we moved to a safer spot and kept looking around. In the end we figured the smoke and heat was caused by some residue or build up burning off. Not bad considering our first thought.


We got to the terminal and boarded the ferry with no further issues and made it the venue. Last year when we were in town, we dropped into The Queen’s to catch their Blues Jam night. We dug the venue when we were there as visitors, so we were looking forward to experiencing the room from the stage. We had a great time, the crowd was awesome and super supportive of all the bands! It was great to see so many repeat faces from last time we were in town!

We also used the trip as an excuse to extend our distro network to the Island. The people of Nanaimo can now find our music at Heritage Sound and Fascinating Rhythms!

Tonight has us in Cumberland at the Waverly Hotel and has me excited! The kitchen at the Waverly is top notch and the food alone makes me want a return trip! Come on down to the Waverly and Rock the night away with us!

Keep the Faith,

Leighton Holmes

(Bass Guitar)

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