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Life On The Road, So Far From Home

Friday night was not only the first night of a glorious May long weekend, but also our debut in Quebec City! Quebec is a beautiful city, with a long and rich history and it was wicked to finally get a chance to check it out! QC was also the most Eastern point on this tour, so everything now is all roughly back in the direction of home. Scanner’s Bistro was very fun to play and we were made to feel very welcome by both the staff and regulars. Our long time superfan from Montreal came out to say hi and catch our set. Great to see you again Josie, see you in Montreal!

Saturday we were in Toronto for our first show in Ontario in 3 years. It was awesome to return back here partly because, some of you might not know this, I was born in Ontario and still have friends and family here. It was good to see some familiar and friendly faces in the crowd as one of my brothers and my oldest friend came out to see us play! It’s been about 3 years since I last saw my buddy so it was a great night! Cherry Cola’s is a really cool venue and we had a great crowd. Even before we loaded into the venue there was not a dull moment, as we were we accosted by a man who was clearly very drunk and possibly on something a little harder. He didn’t seem to speak any English and possibly wanted to fight us. At least he seemed to want to show us his kung-fu skills, before he passed out next to the bus. We ended up getting him some medical attention and I hope he is doing alright.

Last night in Sudbury went a lot better than my expectations for it, in fact it surpassed all of our expectations. We had only passed through Sudbury, never played there, so it all in all it was a good first time and I would say we won over the crowd fairly quickly. The venue had a good vibe and it was a good turnout for an all ages show. We wish them all the best in their quest for a liquor license.

Tonight we are Timmins Ontario, birth place of Shania Twain and Skullfist. They really let you forget the Shania part, there were 2 separate billboards on the way into town that stressed to remind you. We are returning to the Victory Tavern for the first time in 3 years, the last time we were here Timmins proved to be a highlight of the tour, we have good memories of this town and are looking forward to playing tonight. We are the only band playing this show so we will be doing a longer set. If you are reading this in Timmins, come on out and rock with us tonight!

Keep the Faith, Leighton Holmes (Bass Guitar)

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