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Living The Dream!

Oh life on the Road! It’s been a crazy last couple of days, much new ground has been broken as well as old haunts revisited!

Grand Prairie was a blast, we had a great time at Better Than Fred’s. It was a great stage to play on, and though the crowd was small, it was clear they had a great love for Metal and it was a pleasure rocking with them.

After Grand Prairie we had a couple days off and as you might know from other posts, we tend to get a little stir crazy with too much time on our hands. To fill some time we headed up to Fort St. John to catch the open mic night at On the Rocks. We have played the open mic twice before and it was really cool to be recognized from our previous visits. It’s always been a real fun night when we roll through and this time didn’t disappoint. Great to see everyone in FSJ again and hopefully next time we will be playing a real show for more than 15 minutes!

Speaking of having too much time on our hands, Joey has figured out that his new bunk in our bus allows him to stick his head out of the window and can freak people out by appearing. I think he’s pretty stoked with this discovery!

From FSJ we turned south to Red Deer for our first time at the Vat. The people were great and we played with a couple great bands. The venue was really cool with lots of cool murals of famous rockers on the walls. It was great to have Dustin from the Calgary band Riot City come and hang out with us. We weren’t expecting to see him but we lucked out and he was working in Red Deer that day. We’ll be back Red Deer! You haven’t seen the last of us!

Last night in Edmonton gave us a chance to check out the new location for DV8 and see some old friends. We reunited with our old friends in Scythia as well as met some new friends in Moon Tan.

We’ve been having a blast here in Alberta and can’t wait to play Calgary tonight! Last time we were supposed to play Calgary we rolled our van on the way. It’s been too long! Come out to Dickens tonight Calgary! Come Rock with us!

Keep the Faith, Leighton Holmes (Bass Guitar)

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