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New England Takes It’s Toll

Alright loyal soldiers of the Kingdom! Another 3 show block to bring everyone up to speed on! Friday the 13 we were bringing about heavy metal devastation in NYC. Thank you to all the friends who came out and welcomed us in our first show in the Big Apple! It was crazy to experience the drive through Manhattan and pure highway robbery to pay the toll for the Holland tunnel! We have paid more in tolls since hitting this part of the country than we ever have before, it’s really bogus!

Saturday we were at Pineapple Jack’s in Rochester, NY. The venue has a nice big stage and a wicked sound system, with a very knowledgable sound man. I think Rochester was the best sound we have had all tour. As with battle plans, it is rare that monitor mixes last past the first song. It seems that no matter how well we can hear at sound check, there are going to be points in the set that everything turns into a hot, muddy mess on stage. Except that night it seemed like I could hear the entire time! It is much appreciated when that happens.

Sunday in Worcester, MA was a special show, at least to me, as it was my 25th birthday! It was awesome celebrating a quarter of a century with such dedicated metal heads! It’s not often I enjoy my birthday at all, and for years I have chosen not to have any kind of party at all, but it was wild to play a show and to meet so many wonderful people! Thank you to everyone who came out, to everyone who stayed for our set, and after to talk and hang out with us! Thanks as well for all the birthday wishes!

The unfortunate downside of my birthday is the day after, the very day I write this, is the anniversary of the passing of a personal idol of mine, Ronnie James Dio. We join fans all over the world in remembering all that RJD meant to each and everyone of us. Gone but not forgotten, Ronnie James Dio, July 10 1942 – May 16 2010. R.I.P.

We now have a couple days off before needing to be back in Canada, so we are probably going to take the chance to see some cool shit in the area, maybe even making it to Salem, MA. Home of the famous Salem Witch Trials! We are all pretty stoked about that!

Keep the Faith, Leighton Holmes (Bass Guitar)

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