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Of Kings, Queens, Princes, and a Lone White Horse

5 years ago we embarked on what was, at that point, the largest tour we had undertaken. 6 weeks of shows all across this great nation we call home. Monday we saddled up to recreate the first leg of that tour. The most notable difference on this run is that our roady for that trip, Brad Wengranowski, is now joining us on guitar!

It’s been a lot of fun playing the ‘Gates of Eternity’ set and we are excited to perform it in our favourite cities in Western Canada. We kicked everything off in Prince George. We first played there 5 years ago and the crowd was so rowdy they drew Chris’ blood with the mic! We hadn’t played Prince George proper since, returning only to play 2 years of the kickass Metallion festival.

The crowd in Prince George did not disappoint! The Legion was packed for a Tuesday and you would think it was Friday from the way they threw down! No blood was drawn this time but it was hard to keep the smile off of my face as I looked into the crowd and saw people singing along! We could definitely feel the love from everyone in Prince George and we will be coming back a lot sooner than 5 years from now!

It was great to catch up with old friends in PG but after the show it came time to start the long drive to Whitehorse. The drive took us approximately 24 hours but it is 24 hours of startling beauty. We drove by the closed down gas station where we thought we were going to be stranded 5 years ago. It didn’t look as much like a horror movie when we drove by it in the daylight. We made it into town with enough time to spend the night in our familiar location. The same grocery store parking lot that we spend every Whitehorse visit in!

It feels good to be back in the Yukon, and we are looking forward to tonight’s show at Epic Pizza. If you are in Whitehorse you can catch us on CHON FM around 3:30. We have always enjoyed both Whitehorse and Epic Pizza so we are really looking forward to tonight!

Keep the Faith,

Leighton Holmes

(Bass Guitar)

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