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On The Hunt!

Early Thursday morning, we packed up the bus again to head south on the start of the main portion of the Road Warriors North America tour. The warm up leg on the Island was a great success and went off largely without a hitch. The four shows provided great opportunity to bond and grow tighter as a band before the grand undertaking ahead.

Our first stop was Seattle, touching down at the Highline for the first time. I had been there once before in 2014 to see Satan as an after party for King Diamond. I was expecting a cool venue but it was even better than I expected. It was fun getting the chance to share the stage with Solicitor and awesome to see Jason from Skeletor come out to show support. The evening was marred a bit by a medical emergency as a fan lost concienceness and fell, though we are happy to hear that she is doiny well and we hope to see her again soon rocking out!

From Seattle we drove on down to Medford, Oregon, stopping briefly to drop in on our friend Travis’ leather and mead shop. Wyrd Leather and Mead is worth a stop for anyone in the Portland area! Both the mead and a lot of the leather is all made on site and Travis has built pieces visible on the show Vikings and worn on stage by Brittney pf Unleash the Archers and our very own Chris Osterman. It is alwayw a pleasure to see Travis and fun fact: it is his wolf dog, Grey Wind, that can be heard howling at the end of White Wolf.

We returned to King Wah’s in Medford for the first time in 3 years and were pleasantly reminded that we played the inaugural live show there 3 years ago. Its wicked to know that shows are still going strong there as so many music venues close all over.

After a bit of trouble with our Sacremento gig we managed to jump on the bill of a Scorpions tribute band at the Boardwalk. The show was awesome last night the stage being the size I like: ample. There was tons of room to run around and do our thing and capping the night off with Scorpions tunes was perfect considering the connection the band has to their music. To make things even better Steve Wittig former drummer for LA Heavy Metal band Omen was there to support some of his friends and we got a chance to hang out and swap road stories!

Today is a day off and then tomorrow we play Cupertino at the X Bar! We will be resting up and hanging out to prepare for tomorrow’s return to heavy metal madness!

Keep the Faith,

Leighton Holmes

(Bass Guitar)

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