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On The Road Again!

Iron Kingdom is back on the Road! We are still in the opening days of the tour but the last couple days have been incredible and this tour is shaping up to be incredibly memorable! So much has happened that it’s a little hard to know exactly where to start, but let’s try to start at the beginning.

Thursday August 11 was a day we spent a very long time preparing for. Months of planning and preparation went into this show and we are all so very happy with how it all turned out. Months ago, when we first conceived of the idea for the show, we asked ourselves if we were being crazy. If we would be able to pull off the show we saw in our heads. I am happy to announce that as far as I am concerned it was success! We had a great turnout and it was incredible to see so many familiar faces in the crowd. It was amazing to share the night and our love of music with people who have been with us for the last five years. As I looked out from the stage and into the eyes of friends and family, both old and new, I was struck by the most intense emotions. These were the people who have stood by us the last 5 years, who have come to almost every local show and supported us countless times and in countless ways. Thank you so much to everyone who came out and helped us make the video shoot and show a success! It was an incredible night and it wouldn’t have been possible without you! We had so much fun there has already been talk about the possibility of doing something like this again.

After very very little sleep we hit the road the next morning on the way to Vernon. It was our first time playing Vernon so we were looking forward to breaking new ground and playing in new territory. After finding the venue, we were a little surprised to discover it was in one of the ballrooms of a hotel. Not really knowing what to expect now, we set up and waited. Everyone at and involved in the show were super nice and very welcoming. We had fun and look forward to building a stronger relationship with Vernon.

Metallion! We had so much fun last year and we were looking forward to coming back this year! I am so glad we came back and I enjoyed this year more than last. The festival gave me a chance to see a good friend that lives up in Prince George and catch a number of friend’s sets. Festivals are awesome to play and we always have a blast up here. Our set time had us playing as the sun went down and it was really cool to watch fire works go off as we played on stage, I’ve never experienced that before.

Tonight we are in Grand Prairie at Better Than Fred’s and again we are breaking new ground. The show should be pretty wicked tonight. I love playing new places and meeting new people. I’m excited to see what tonight has in store for us. This tour is truly going to be memorable!

Keep the Faith, Leighton Holmes (Bass Guitar)

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