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On Through The Night

We made it from Denver to Lawton, Oklahoma without too much issue, which was amazing considering we drove through a blizzard and tornado warnings and just barely missed golfball-sized hail! The show at the Railhead saloon in Lawton far surpassed our expectations and we were amazed at the hospitality the locals showed to us! A random meeting at a gas station in town led to us being fed! Thank you to JP for bringing us such a delicious meal!

We found it pretty hard to completely gauge the crowd during our set and the thought crossed my mind that we might be run out of town by the end of it. Fortunately by the end of our set the audience made it completely clear that they loved us and we had a wonderful (and busy) night. It’s awesome when we play a town for the first time and leave behind so many CD’s and T-shirts! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us, your support will make it much easier to reach the next show in Houston!

Currently we are in Texas, on our way to Houston to play at the Acacia Bar and Grill. It will be our first show in Texas and its always exciting to play in new territories. Also, another show has been added to the tour! We will be playing Baltimore, Maryland on Monday May 9th at the Depot!

Keep the Faith, Leighton Holmes (Bass Guitar)

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