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Putting the Roll in Rock

Let me start off, before I get to bringing everyone up to speed on the last two shows, by just saying Thank You! Thank You to everyone who helped set up the shows, Thank You to all the bands we shared the stage with, and most of all Thank You to everyone who came out to Rock with us! Your support means the world to us and we deeply appreciate it!

Ok now onto the shows! When I last left off we were in Cumberland (after an amazing dinner) getting ready to play at The Waverly Hotel. Let me just say I am beyond impressed with The Waverly. The food was incredible and the staff was more than gracious, the stage was a good size and the sound was great! I had never been to Cumberland before, and can’t say I had really heard of it before the show was booked, but I throughly enjoyed the show and the crowd. Everyone I met and had the pleasure of talking to was very nice and welcoming and the whole town itself had a welcoming vibe. Cumberland is definitely on the “Return To” list and I hope to see everyone again soon!


(All 4 of us in Cumberland. Photo by Torstein Tan)

We also took the chance to hit up a couple more record shops in Courtenay and you can now find our music at the Stack Shack and Bop City Records. Both shops have a great selection, and I definitely suggest you check them out if you are in the area!

The show at Logan’s in Victoria was one I had really been looking forward to on this trip, we had such a great time last year and I was really excited to get back and have another great night! I’m stoked to say Victoria did not disappoint! It’s so great to perform in front of an audience that really gives ‘er and I know we all really enjoyed our time at Logan’s! For anyone wondering about the video Chris and I made last week, a fan in Vic reached out and told us his buddy was thinking of not coming to the show because he was saving up for a mountain bike. Now in all fairness, mountain bikes can be expensive… but unless it’s a Harley, I don’t think its a good excuse to miss a Metal show! They both came out and we had a good chat and gave him the “bike” we found on the internet for him. Thanks Matt for reaching out, and thanks Zack for getting your priorities straight! Haha


(Matt and Zack with Zack’s “bike”)

Also you can now find our music at Ditch Records & CDs and Supreme Echo Music Boutique in Victoria.

The 3 days we spent on the Island our memorable for sure and it’s impossible to imagine we’ll be able to stay away for long. It might be another year until we make it back but back we shall go! I’m really happy everything turned out so well as this trip is our only scheduled tour this year. On May 5 we open up for Hammerfall at the Rickshaw Theater in Vancouver, and that will be our last show for a little while. Never fear we will still be active in that time, just not hitting the stage. We are taking some time to write new material, catch up on personal stuff and bring you a new and improved website where we will be able to host all kinds of wonderful content!

We will be keeping all of our amazing fans updated as we go (we are getting very close to launching the website) and I’ll be looking forward to seeing you all, at least those of you who are local, at the Hammerfall show. Opening up for Hammerfall is a dream come true, as it was their music that started me on this path. It just goes to show, dreams are possible as long as you…

Keep the Faith,

Leighton Holmes

(Bass Guitar)

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