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Ride on from Disaster

The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity, we have pursued every option available to us in order to get back on the road with full strength. We are grateful to have Vanan’s kitchen to set up a temporary HQ as we scramble to find a suitable vehicle replacement and I am confident in the plan we have come up with.

We are doing our best to roll with the punches but honestly its starting to feel like we are hitting a little outside our weight class. No one could have predicted the accident and it was probably the only thing we weren’t prepared for as far as having spares or back ups or even a contingency plan. We pride ourselves on being independent and this whole situation is a little hard to swallow for us. Crowd funding has always been something we were aware of but incredibly hesitant to take part in. This is a last resort for us, basically we have no other option at this point but to rely on the support and generosity of our friends, fans, and family.

We are doing our best to put the accident behind us and move forward from a negative experience into the positive but first things must be first and the truth is we need a vehicle. We are not asking for a hand out, we are not asking for all of you to buy us a vehicle, we are asking you to help with a small portion of the total money needed to put this all behind us. The reality is that yes we walked away from this with our lives and most of our gear intact but we still need a vehicle to tour in.

To me the purpose of these blogs is to give you a look into the mind of the band. To offer a window past the music and into our thought processes. I don’t know why but asking for money makes us really uncomfortable. Working for money is one thing but to just ask for it seems wrong to us. Much debate went into this decision from how much to set the goal as, to whether or not to do this at all but no matter how much we don’t like the idea the reality is we need this.

We are reluctant to ask for help, but as the hours tick by it is becoming more and more clear we cannot carry on without the help of others. We would prefer to earn the money we need through shows and merch sales but due to the time constraints of our situation, we are also accepting donations through ‘Go Fund Me’

Feel free to drop by our merch site and pick up a copy of our new album as every dollar helps.

It is not just our Canadian dates that will be affected by this accident but the U.S. dates as well. We wont stop and will do this until we can’t  but without your help that day might be sooner than we’d like.

We look forward to playing in a city near you. Come by and say hi! and please now more than ever…

Keep the Faith,

Leighton Holmes

(Bass Guitar)

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