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Ride Through Snow!

Its been almost a week since our last update and we have been very busy in that time. The amount of distance that we are covering on this tour means that we get a chance to see many regions of the United States. From the sweltering hot South, to the freezing cold everywhere else, the temperature changes have been quiet drastic. As Canadians, one might assume that we are more than used to snow but as British Columbians we see snow maybe one day a year. Seriously in the last 3 days we have seen more snow than we normally do at home in a full year! Its a little easier to manage being cold than being hot but it still leads to shitty sleeping and unfortunately i haven’t found good coffee since we played the Wandering Goat in Eugene, Oregon. It’s crazy the difference between even McDonald’s in Canada and the States. I’m really missing the coffee back home.

The gig in Salt Lake City on Tuesday was a lot of fun. There weren’t a crazy amount of people there due to it being a Tuesday but everyone that was there was very into it and like I’ve said many times before, we are a quality versus quantity band. The venue was awesome with a nice big stage, good lighting and wicked sound. Thanks to everyone who came out on a Tuesday to rock with us!

Yesterday was spent freezing in the bus on our way to Denver. The heater in the bus sucks and barely made the difference at points as the snow fell. I don’t think anyone got a great sleep last night until it got a little warmer in the morning. Today we made the rest of the drive to Denver and thankfully its at least a couple degrees warmer than it was in Wyoming.

Tonight we are playing the 3 Kings bar @ 60 S Broadway Denver, Colorado. If you are in the area come down and rock with us! This is our first time in Denver, so come welcome us to the area! After the show we have to pack up and head out straight away as we have to drive all the way to Lawton, Oklahoma for tomorrows show. It is the longest drive on the tour and will need all hands on deck for it. Good thing Red Bull isn’t too expensive! haha

Keep the Faith, Leighton Holmes (Bass Guitar)

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