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Thankful For The Ride

I just want to start off by thanking all of the venue owners and promoters of the last few days. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday can be very hard days to fill when booking a tour and we are all very thankful to them for giving us a room to play and vital support as we try to chase our dream. We have had great fortune to work with some amazing people over the years and the last couple days were no exception. I may be a couple days late on it, but this past weekend was the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday. While it felt weird to not be home and celebrating with family this year, I wanted to take this time to tell everyone we have encountered on the road in the last year, thank you very much for all of your care, support and kind words. None of this would be possible without you!

A very big thanks to our friends at The Kraken Bar in Seattle. They helped us out huge with a last minute booking when our other venue fell through. We had a great time returning and rocking out with everyone who came out. There were some pretty diehard Iron Kingdom fans in attendance and it is always a privilege to play for such passionate people!

Eugene on Monday was a treat. I think all of us would agree in putting Eugene in the highlight reel for our last tour, so we were looking forward to returning. While there wasn’t as great a turnout as last time it was pretty awesome for a Monday night. It was great to catch up with some old friends as well as meet a couple new ones. People in Eugene have been really nothing but warm and welcoming to us every time we come through.

Medford! What can i say about Medford… Our experience last night in Medford was amazing and much needed. We had the pleasure of playing with a great group out of Texas called Urban Pioneers. The line up was an unexpected one. UP plays what they call fast bluegrass, which i think is code for they fucking shred. It was wicked and truly enjoyable but what i dug the most was that everyone that was there to see us supported them and vice versa. There as no division in the crowd or any animosity between two very different styles and musical background and it was refreshing to see everyone just hanging out and listening to music, even if wasn’t the music they would normally listen to. Last night is the kind of mixed bill that I really enjoy. I mean these guys play faster than a lot of the metal bands we’ve played with.

Over and above the great night we had musically another reason Medford stands apart from some other towns we’ve played is the hospitality of Jym Harris. Jym and his wife Lisa open their home to touring musicians and offer a place to sleep as well as an amazing meal! The last time we were in town before last night was about 2 years ago and we still talk about how great the food was! Many many thanks to you, Jym and Lisa! The four of us, and bands like us, appreciate everything you do on top of booking shows. The scene needs more warriors keeping the flame burning and flag flying, so thank you again for the food and the use of the shower!

Come out and rock with us at the Cafe Colonial in Sacramento! This is the second time we have played at this venue, the first being with Night Demon in 2014. Im looking forward to rocking Sacramento again, every time we are in town its a good night. Lets break the attendance record for the last time we played this venue! Come out and bring your friends!

Keep the Faith, Leighton Holmes (Bass Guitar)

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