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The Show Must Go On

I would like to start off by saying thank you very much for all the kind words and support! It means a lot to us to have such wonderful friends and fans!

A lot has happened to us over the last 2 days and I’ll try to bring you all up to speed on our current situation. Chris and Amanda’s parents drove through the night in two vehicles to get us back on the road and make it possible to make our next gig. We are very thankful to have them in our lives. Some of you may remember them from previous tours, they have been more than amazing through out the years, giving up their garage for our jamspace, coming out on the road with us to help handle merch and driving and now racing out to assist us in our time of need. They are the reason we were able to make it to Medicine Hat and we couldn’t do this without them.

We do have some good news about the bands health. Kenny and Amanda were cleared by the doctors at the hospital after x-rays and everything. No serious injuries! Kenny and Amanda were in the back at the time of the crash and were tossed around far more than myself and Chris and were a bit more banged up


We were able to access the trailer yesterday morning and thankfully it seems the majority of our equipment escaped unscathed! The worst damage seems to be to my Marshall head which was in the van trunk and we are hoping it is just a tube. Thats why you should always bring a spare! We played last night in with all of our own gear which i think is a miracle by itself!


Those of you who know us personally will know that we do our utmost be as independent and self sufficient as possible. We are doing our best to get ourselves out of this situation without hitting anyone up for money and it will be a last resort for us. If you wish to help us out then please head to our online merch store and buy a cd or a shirt or something. Anything will help!

Despite all the good news (we are alive, not seriously injured, and with working gear) we are not out of the woods yet. The van and trailer were both totalled in the crash and we have been informed that the trailer is not covered by our insurance. This means we are on the hook for the towing, recovery, and storage for the trailer at this point. We are still waiting to hear about the van.

Today we have a day off and we are looking into a new vehicle and, depending on the vehicle, a trailer as well. Let me be very clear, no matter how this shakes out we will continue this tour and will honour all commitments we have made going forward. Please if we are coming to a city near you, come out and support, buy a shirt, buy a CD, even a sticker… every dollar helps.

A huge thanks to Vanan and the boys from Naraka. Since meeting them on the road 3 years ago they have been like brothers to us and have been a huge help after the accident, giving us a place to stay last night and being ready to help us out with gear if we needed it.

We are lucky to have such wonderful family, friends and fans and we really appreciate everything they have done for us so far. We do this out of love for music and it is that love of playing that will get us through this. We will continue to keep you updated on how this unfolds.

You can visit our Merch Site here:

Our chins are up, our fists are high and still we Ride!

Keep the Faith,

Leighton Holmes

(Bass Guitar)

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