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The Wild Ride

Today I had one of the wildest rides of my life. One moment everything is fine and myself and Chris are talking and laughing in the driver and passenger seats respectively, all 4 of us feeling free, just starting to embark on what seemed like the greatest tour we have ever sought to conquer. The next I’m fighting to regain control and avoid barrelling into oncoming traffic… I’ve never seen an F-250 look so big in my life! We were on our way from a very successful show at VENUE in Vancouver, and onto our next in Calgary. Last night was incredible! The bands, the fans, everyone came out and delivered! It was seriously the best local show I have ever been a part of! Medevil, Omega Crom, Unleash the Archers they all fucking slayed and I would like to give a huge shout out to each one, we are looking forward to sharing with all of you hopefully in the near future! Also a huge thanks to everyone who came out to support the bands. Seriously, you guys made me forget it was a Thursday! We left Vancouver energetic and eagerly awaiting seeing old friends and meeting new ones as the road opened before us. As we travelled East-bound down the HWY-1, roughly 15 minutes from Golden BC, our rear passenger side tire exploded, causing us to swerve violently. We briefly crossed the double yellow veering into oncoming lane. I attempted to guide us to the shoulder but the gravel shoulder isn’t very wide at that point, nor is a 3 wheeled 1980 GMC Vandura avec trailer a particularly gentle bucking beast to ride! We skipped the shoulder and went right down the embankment, rolling 2 or 3 times before coming to rest driver side down pointing back to the west. I will never express the relief and gratitude when i heard everyone respond they were alright. The whole experience took probably a total of about 5 seconds to play out but it was fucking terrifying! I’m amazed we all walked away with barely a scratch, a couple of bumps and scrapes sure, but nothing serious or life threatening. Im also incredibly thankful to everyone who immediately stopped their cars and slid their way down the ditch to the dusty ditch to check we were ok and help us remove some of our personal items from the van. Calgary has always shown us a good time and we were really looking forward to finally sharing the stage with our buddies in Riot City. We are all deeply sorry for having to pull out of the show, it promised to be another really great night!! The tow crew was unable to work until tomorrow morning due to the intense long weekend traffic so we are left in limbo in the last hotel room in Golden, waiting to find out what gear we still have and weighing our options to continue this journey. Believe me, we will do everything to continue! Iron Kingdom does not kneel! Iron Kingdom does not quit! We are Iron Kingdom and we WILL come to Rule! As always, KEEP THE FAITH Leighton Holmes (Bass Guitar)

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