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This One’s For The Mothers!

Alright, 3 more shows in the bag! I know I always promise at the beginning of tours that the updates will be daily, but that can be really challenging on the Road. Sometimes it’s the issue of WiFi, but a lot of time it’s due to the fact that between the driving and the shows every night it’s hard to find the time to sit down and write. So let me do my best to catch you all up to speed.

Friday we were in Akron, Ohio at the Empire Concert Club and had a blast playing to a nearly packed house. We met so many wonderful and supportive people that night and the other bands were really kicking! It was a good time all around! Also I have succeeded in trading all of the Canadian currency that I had in my wallet for American at face value to fans amazed at our plastic money! One guy even had all of us sign a $20 which he intends to frame along with a patch and a picture! So cool!

From Akron we headed over to Newark where we had a truly kick ass time hanging out with the guys from TFP. A massive thanks to Sean and Kevin and everyone for your hospitality and the amazing food! We truly and deeply appreciate it! Also we have to give a big shout out to the guys in Four Skulls for making the show happen. We were in a real bind with this show and they pulled through and made it work. Their singer even pulled double duty when the drummer was too sick to play. In true Rock and Roll fashion, the Show must go on!

Mother’s Day was spent far away from our respective mothers, in Charleston, West Virginia. This particular show was much earlier than we are used to, it seemed rather weird to be done and packed up so early (but it gives me the time to write this so… :P). In all seriousness we had a lot of fun at the Empty Glass and it was clear to us that the bar was very old and had a lot of stories. Thanks for Johnny Compton and the boys for setting up the show and playing with us, what a kick ass group of musicians! Happy Mother’s Day from all of us here in IK to all the Mothers around the World.

Next up on the tour is Baltimore, Maryland at The Depot! It’s a 6-7 hour drive from where we are now, but there is incentive to wake up early and hit the road: we get showers and food before the show. Showers!! You never realize how much you take showers for granted until you spend a couple weeks in a bus with 3 other guys putting on the kind of shows we do! It’s gets a bit smelly sometimes! Baltimore! We are coming to Conquer!

P.S. Fun fact, I believe we hit the half way mark for the tour last night!!

Keep the Faith, Leighton Holmes (Bass Guitar)

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