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We Did Something!

In previous blog posts I have complained about days off being boring, with little to nothing to do, but yesterday we actually did something! Taking advantage of our proximity to Boston, we hit up the historic USS Constitution. Commissioned in 1797 by President Washington, the Constitution has a very long and proud past, including many victories. I had heard of this ship many times due to my love of history, but honestly my interest in seeing it came from playing Fallout 4! The game is set in Boston, though in an alternate time line and in the future, but it was cool to see monuments like Bunker Hill and Faneuil Hall as we drove past them. The museum was very informative and it was really cool to walk across the deck of such a famous ship. Also in the dry dock was a ship I had never heard of, the USS Callus Young. The Callus Young is a destroyer class warship from WW2 and also has a storied past including involvement in Pearl Harbour and Korea. Both were really cool to see and I’m glad we took the time to do it!

After Boston, we headed over to Salem to walk around a town steeped in allegations of witchcraft. Where over 200 people were put on trial and 23 were put to death in the 1600’s. Of the 23, most were killed by hanging but one of the most famous executions, Giles Corey was put to death by pressing. Pressing is a brutal way to die, involving being crushed to death by the weight of stones and iron. Giles’ last words were reportedly “more weight” what a badass! Salem boasts the 2nd oldest European graveyard in North America and is home to many, including at least one Mayflower pilgrim. Walking around town was really cool! There is only one house remaining from the Witch Trial days and it was owned by one of the judges involved.

We got into town too late to check out any of the museums but the staff at the Salem Witch Trial Museum were still very helpful in pointing out interesting landmarks around town for us to check out! All in all it was a very interesting day and I recommend anyone that is in the area to check these places out!

Keep the Faith, Leighton Holmes (Bass Guitar)

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