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Chris Osterman – Lead Guitar / Lead Vocals
Leighton Holmes – Bass

Megan Merrick – Lead Guitar
Chris Sonea – Drums


All music and lyrics written and recorded by Iron Kingdom


Cover Illustration: Alan Lathwell
Engineered by: Chris Osterman
Recorded at: Lethal Force Studios
Co-Produced by: Chris Osterman / Megan Merrick
Mixed by: Daniel Tsourounis
Mastered by: Greg Reely at the Green Jacket


This is Iron Kingdom’s 4th studio album, originally released only on CD and digital formats, and now available for the first time on Vinyl in 2020 by Underground Power Records, Germany


Only 350 copies total: (100 Splatter Blue, 250 Black)



Note: Shipping is expensive, but it will be protected properly in transit

Vinyl - On The Hunt (2019)

Vinyl Colour: Black
Out of Stock
  • Iron Kingdom – On The Hunt (Vinyl)

    Track Listing:
    Side A:
    1 – White Wolf
    2 – Driftin’ Through Time
    3 – Sign Of The Gods
    4 – Keep It Steel
    5 – Raze And Ruin


    Side B:
    6 – Road Warriors
    7 – Invaders
    8 – Paragon
    9 – The Dream


    Approx. Running Length: 40 Minutes

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