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Iron Kingdom – Ride For Glory (2015)


This is the 3rd full length studio album by Iron Kingdom, released on vinyl by Underground Power Records Germany,


A limited pressing of 500 copies on the first run:

150 blue (SOLD OUT), 350 black


Chris Osterman - Lead Guitar/Lead Vocals

Leighton Holmes - Bass

Amanda Osterman - Drums

Kenny Kroecher - Lead Guitar


Cover Illustration: Alan Lathwell
Engineered by: Andy Boldt
Co-Produced by: Chris Osterman / Andy Boldt
Recorded at: True Sound Studio’s

Mastered by: Greg Reely at the Green Jacket

Graphic Design: Amanda Osterman


All music and lyrics written and recorded by Iron Kingdom


Shipping is expensive, but it will be protected properly in transit

Vinyl - Ride For Glory (2015)

Vinyl Colour: Black
Out of Stock

    Track Listing:
    Side A:
    1.) On The Eve Of Battle
    2.) Leif Erikson
    3.) Ride For Glory
    4.) Lady Trieu and the Kingdom of Wu


    Side B:
    1.) The Samurai
    2.) Night Attack
    3.) A Call To Arms
    4.) The Veiled Knight

    Total Running Time: 40:22


    “A rollercoaster ride of pure, unadulterated adrenaline.” – Zachary Houle

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