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Our one and only LIVE album up to this point!


Limited to 500 hand numbered vinyl copies!   And never to be pressed again!


*This album will NOT be available on CD, Cassette, or Digitally.*

Including 5 tracks of unrelenting heavy metal madness!


Chris Osterman - Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar

Leighton Holmes - Bass

Amanda Osterman - Drums

Kenny Kroecher - Lead Guitar


Cover Illustration: Nicholas Frenette

Engineered By: Andy Boldt

Mixed By: Andy Boldt

Mastered By: Greg Reely At The Green Jacket

Graphic Design: Amanda Osterman


Recorded Live at the Kraken Bar and Lounge in Seattle, WA, USA

Note: Shipping is expensive, but it will be protected properly in transit

Vinyl - Unleashed At The Kraken (Live in Seattle) (2015)

  • Iron Kingdom - Unleashed At The Kraken (Live In Seattle) 

    Track Listing:
    Side A:
    Fired Up
    Crowned In Iron
    Unleash The Kraken

    Side B:
    Egypt (The End is Near)
    Legions of Metal

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