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Greetings from the Kingdom! On the sixth day, of the sixth month, exactly six years ago, Iron Kingdom was birthed unto the World! With the birth of Iron Kingdom, we set upon the path towards the realization of a Dream. The collective dream we spend countless hours building, moulding and refining. The Dream of a new Golden Age of Metal Domination! Thank you to everyone who has made the past six years possible, without you we would still just be Dreaming!

No one can say for certain what the future will bring, but rest assured with it comes our fourth studio album. The next year or so will be spent laying the groundwork for a revamped, re-enforced and reconstructed, and, in some ways, truer, vision of what we set out to accomplish six years ago.  We wouldn’t trade the last six years for the world, but we aim to make the next truly memorable. More details will be forthcoming in the future as our plans begin to solidify so until then, as always,

Keep The Faith,

Iron Kingdom

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