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And so a new era begins..

Greetings from the Kingdom!

The end of 2015 is nearly upon us and the New Year looks to be a bright one! We are participating in the Locals Fundraiser at Music Madhouse tomorrow so come on down and help support local business and radio as well as talk with us! The admission to the event is by donation and everything goes to support the all volunteer radio show. There will even be an auction! It’s a great way to spend a Sunday so come hangout and support! 

Coming up soon is our first show with our new Brother-in-Arms Joey Paul! We will be playing at the Wolf Bar in Maple Ridge, Saturday Dec 19., along with Syrinx and Warrborn. The show starts at 8 pm so come rock with us and help welcome our new drummer into the fold! 

Vancouverites can catch us Jan. 9 at Funky Winkerbeans sharing the stage with Syrinx and the ever cerebral Omnisight. Im really looking forward to this show, it has been a while since we played with Omnisight and i can’t wait to catch up with those guys! 

Also coming up in the New Year is our first ever trip to the Island! What will be a new experience for us will be a homecoming for Joey as he returns to his birthplace to melt faces and crush skulls with us. The Island has always been on our “to hit” list but never worked out mostly due to the high cost of the ferry. Now, due to no longer having the same tour set up, we have a chance to sail across the Georgia Strait and conquer the lands west of us! We will be playing a number of different cities across two weekends so there will be plenty of chances to see us. You can find all the info your heart desires on our Facebook event page here including Dates and Venues.

As I mentioned before we have a currently un-battle tested tour rig at the moment so it is quite exciting to finally be able to try it out and hopefully figure out what needs to be tweaked before the larger tour of the Spring… but more on that later!

Keep the Faith, 

Leighton Holmes

(Bass Guitar)

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