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Blazing A Trail To Eternity

Short and sweet though this tour is the shows have been very memorable and make a strong argument for coming back sooner than we plan. Thursday at the Queen’s was the perfect night to become reacquainted with the stage! We had a solid turnout and excellent performances from all the bands, and it felt amazing to get back up and play in front of an audience! It was great to see so many repeat and friendly faces. Other than a few spots of rust, the show went off without a hitch. Performing on stage is largely in the like-riding-a-bike territory, and it was easy to sink into the music and rock out!

I have to say having been there twice now, I love Cumberland! The Waverly is such a great place to play and the show on Friday was one of the best experiences I have had on stage in a very long time! Multiple were bleeding by the end, injured by the near constant moshing, punctuated by bouts of calm when we hit the odd acoustic passage or soft section. The energy in the room was palpable and very easy for us to feed off. It was a pleasure talking to everyone who was there, a number of whom saw us on past visits. I also have to say that the food is as amazing as I remembered at the Waverly and we for sure be coming back in the future. From the food, to the stage, to the people in attendance I loved everything about Friday night’s show!

We had the Saturday off as it was St. Patrick’s Day and we are not an Irish band. We got a chance to drive around to some record stores to conduct a little business, including one that was unfortunately right next to a used book store. I say unfortunately because I have a hard time resisting used books. We spent the rest of the night enjoying St. Patrick’s Day libations in the parking lot of the local McDonald’s and watching the classic Mel Brook’s film Blazing Saddles. It was a fun night until someone knocked on bus door at 6 am to tell us someone egged the bus. Egg washes off but sleep is precious, don’t disturb it!

Tonight we are playing Logan’s in Victoria! Kick off your St. Paddy’s hangover and come rock away your Sunday night with us!

Keep the Faith,

Leighton Holmes

(Bass Guitar)

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