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First Step Into Eternity

The bus is all packed up and we made it all the way to the ferry, but it wouldn’t be an IRON KINGDOM trip if something didn’t go just a little wrong right at the beginning. Last time we set out for the Island we had a problem with our driver side brake caliber, and it seems that it was our passenger side’s turn this time. Other than a bit of smoke and a touch of fire, everything seems fine now. We’ve knocked some rust off of the vehicle, it’s time to knock some of the rust off of us.

Photo credit: Joey Paul

The excitement is building the closer we get to our first show of the year! It has been a little too long since we got up on stage and got to do our thing. Our show tonight at The Queen’s in Nanaimo is long overdue! Tonight also serves as the debut for our current lineup, with Amanda back on drums and Brad on guitar. I would be lying if I said we weren’t all a little bit nervous about this first show. It’s been almost a year since IRON KINGDOM’s last show, around 2 and a half since our last show with Amanda, and approximately 4 since Brad’s last show with his previous band, Aeterna. I’m really banking on it being a “like riding a bike” kind of situation and consoling myself with the thought that when we get up and hit the first note I’ll be able to just sink into the music and be carried through the set by instinct and adrenaline. At the end of the night, excitement trumps nerves. As the light comes down and the smoke rises, the KINGDOM calls you to Enter Eternity…

Keep The Faith,

Leighton Holmes

(Bass Guitar)

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