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Northward Bound!

It's been a hot and sweaty 3 days but it's amazing being back on the road and finally embarking on the last leg of the Road Warriors tour and we could not have asked for a better start than playing the legendary Armstrong Metal Fest! We've been looking to play on the Armstrong stage for years and are beyond stoked to have finally put that feather in our cap. My only wish is that our time wasn't so tight and we could have stuck around and partied a little bit. The response we got from the crowd and the other bands was truly heartwarming and it was incredible to see the mix of familiar and new faces. One of my favourite aspects of touring is seeing old friends from afar and festivals always take that to another level!

The Armstrong stage was hot in more ways than one but in the literal sense I was sweating like crazy before we even started playing and I couldn't see for about half the set because of the amount of sweat in my eyes. No matter how much of a sweaty mess we were though we all thoroughly enjoyed our time on stage and at the festival! Huge thanks to Jesse Valstar and everyone who put on such an amazing fest!

With no time to stay and party we were on to Calgary! We have always really enjoyed playing Dickens every time we have played there over the years but we hadn't been back since 2016! We had a great time playing with Lÿnx and Osyron and while its always a little tricky playing Calgary during the Stampede we had a good turnout and people came to have a good time. It was awesome to see Skyler and Jake from W.M.D. and Toryin from Traveller as well as our great and long time friend Vanan from Naraka!

From Calgary it was on to Edmonton with our first appearance at the Starlite Room and I have nothing but great things to say about the venue and the staff! We had a fantastic time playing in front of both new and old faces and it was quite possibly my favourite Edmonton show we have done! Thank you to everyone who came out last night and to the other bands, it was awesome to see our friend Dave from Traveller who came out to support!

Now we have a couple days off to relax a little and make the long drive up to Whitehorse for what is usually my favourite part of this West Coast rip! Keep your eyes open for more news from the road and always remember to...

Keep It Steel

Leighton Holmes

(Bass Guitar)

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