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Ride The Waves… To Victoria!

Hails from the Kingdom! Today we embark on our maiden voyage to Vancouver Island! For three of us this trip marks a venture into uncharted waters, for the fourth it is a triumphant return home. Our newest comrade-in-arms, drummer Joey Paul, is originally from Nanaimo having moved to the mainland only recently. We thought it fitting that our first tour together should be a place we have been trying to get to for a while, Vancouver Island. Due to certain events last year we finally have a tour set up that makes it more economic to take the ridiculously expensive ferry (always have to look on the bright side folks!) and now we get a chance to take a dip into a new market so close to home. (For those of you already sick of the nautical themed puns, I’m sorry but as I’m writing this on the ferry it seems I just can’t resist :P)

Personally it feels like one of the roughest parts of being in a touring band is the down time between tours, so I am very happy to be hitting the road (even if it is only for a short time) and travelling once more with my brothers bringing our brand of metal to the masses (or at least a couple people :P). I have only been to the Island 3 or 4 times in the decade plus that I’ve lived on the Wet Coast and even then only for very short periods of time so i am very excited to see more of what the Island has to offer and to play with some of the rad bands that call it home.

This trip will serve as a learning experience and warm up for the longer North American tour we are doing in a couple months and open the way for more return trips in the future. We all have very high hopes for this string of shows as we get more used to a new tour set up as well as grow more tightly as a band. you can find a full list of our dates here:

The future seems bright and clear, even if the weather doesn’t, and we look forward to meeting friends both old and new!

Keep the Faith,

Leighton Holmes

(Bass Guitar)

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