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The End of One Journey is Just the Beginning of Another!

We are kicking ass and taking names! We have had a solid start in the studio and are ahead of schedule. Amanda laid down the drum tracks in quick succession and Chris has already finished his rhythm tracks. We wouldn’t be at the point we are now without the help and expertise of Andy and Sheldon. They have been the perfect team to make our studio experience as easy and painless as possible. We are far enough ahead of schedule that Chris was able to record all of those face melting solos he’s so good at in only 6 hours. And to make a great day better my Marshall cab finally came in. Thats right I have a Marshall bass amp and for those of you counting that makes for 3 Marshalls in the band. The tones it puts out are amazing, but I don’t need to tell you that you will hear it on the album. Next up on the agenda we go to Andy’s studio and we will do my bass and Jordan’s guitar before Chris caps everything off with his banshee wails. This is shaping up to be one kickass summer. Keep the Faith! \m/ Leighton Holmes (Bass Guitar)

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