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The Quest for Glory Begins…

Saturday was all about denim and leather (and spandex for Chris) as IRON KINGDOM geared up for a photoshoot. Things are starting to be kicked into over drive as we speed towards the studio. Amanda starts smashing down the drums in the Factory next week and crunch time is creeping up. But with the photo shoot under our belts and some wicked new pictures to be put up soon the pressure feels good. A huge thank you to Jesse Vance for taking such awesome shots and another big thank you to Alison Parker for letting us use her studio. Also, thank you to the Washington Avenue Grill for letting us take pictures in their haunted Castle Dracula room. Everything went incredibly smooth and we couldn’t have asked for a better day. Any time I get to show off my jackets and vests is a good day for me. In denim and leather I do it right! Today we hit the one week mark before starting our debut album on June 6th!! Stay tuned for more updates on the progress! Keep the Faith, \m/ Leighton Holmes (Bass Guitar)

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