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Unleashed In A New Year

Hail Warriors of the Kingdom!

It is shaping up to be another exciting year and we have some glorious news to share!

By now most of you should have heard that we are releasing a live vinyl of our set recorded at the Kraken in Seattle.

For those of you living under a rock to avoid the holidays ‘Unleashed At The Kraken’ will be released on vinyl only and will be limited to 500 copies. Once they sell that’s it, we aren’t printing more.


Speaking of printing vinyl…

Due to the resurgence in popularity that vinyl is going through we have been told to expect a long wait when we send the master in to be printed. What this means to you is even though we have been talking about it and promising it soon, the release of ‘Unleashed…’ will be delayed longer than we hoped. It seems it is going to take roughly 16 weeks before they are ready to ship all that glorious vinyl so instead of the new year release we were hoping for its looking more like the spring.

We will be announcing a Pre-Sale for ‘Unleashed…’ as soon as we can and as soon as we are able to pin down a firm release date.

Hard on the heels of the live vinyl we have another studio album in the works and just because I love an air of mystery here is but a few details and not one of them is a name!

There will be 8 tracks, all written by us and we are roughly 80% done writing!

That’s all you get for now but keep your eyes and ears open in 2015 as there will be TWO releases from IRON KINGDOM this year!

Keep the Faith \m/

Leighton Holmes


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