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Ride (Back) To Victoria

When on the Road, often days off can be incredibly boring, it’s just one of the many things bands on the Road have to deal with. Sure days off can be nice, sometimes useful to fix gear or catch up on sleep, but for the most part its just 4 bored guys in a bus hanging out in some strange city.

However this time it was no strange city. The last couple days we have been hanging out in Joey’s home town of Nanaimo, doing our best to fend off the insidious forces of boredom and for the most part I would say we have been successful. A big thanks to Joey’s family and friends for putting us up and more importantly putting up with us!

Big shout out to the Nanaimo Buccaneers for sponsoring our upcoming Charity event at the Cavallotti Hall (Feb 26) benefiting the Nanaimo Hospice Society. Thanks for letting us catch a game and best of luck in the post season!

The last 3 days have been filled with hi-jinx and shenanigans aplenty. One highlight being the hilarious live radio interview on CHLY 101.7 FM with Raymond “Razer” Albert that covered everything from Joey’s shoe fetish to Chris’ apparent love of “older” women and very many points in-between. If you missed it, it was probably for the best! 😛 Thanks for having us on Razer, you make the best pop corn I’ve ever had!

Killing time until the interview Joey took us to a local jam space where we debuted our new line up: Chris on drums, Joey on bass, Kenny on guitar and myself on keyboards. No vocals of course because instrumental bands are just so much more kvlt. If you thought we were good before, this line up will take us to the top for sure!

Not everything over the last couple days has been all fun and games unfortunately. It was during this time it was discovered that Joey was in serious need of an emergency Caneal Shortening surgery. I am happy to report that the surgery went off without a hitch and we expect joey will make a full recovery by show time in Esquimalt on Thursday Feb 25th. A very big thanks to the super professional Dr. Cowstein for fitting us into his busy schedule on such short notice!

Today its back to Victoria for us as we will be appearing on both Broken Neck Radio as well as Two Hours to Midnight on CFUV 101.9 FM UVic’s radio station.

You can find Broken Neck Radio at, tune in around 9pm to catch us!

Two Hours to Midnight can be found at 101.9 FM on your radio dial and at for the live stream. The show starts at 10pm!

Can’t wait to get back up on the stage in Esquimalt!

Keep the Faith,

Leighton Holmes

(Bass Guitar)

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